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From Dominique Schurman
This new collection is the culmination of my life’s work in greeting cards. I have always dreamt of creating something completely new and innovative that embodies the depth of knowledge that I have gained over the years through my work developing Brands and through my interactions with consumers. 
Greeting cards and stationery hold a special place in the hearts of people who want to enhance their relationships with a personal touch. They are seeking content that is relevant, meaningful and genuine that reflects their values and their taste. 
My new brand is like nothing else in the market. It is aspirational yet authentic... and is designed to capture the imagination of those who gather enrichment through treasured relationships. The perfect card can create a priceless memorable moment. 


About The Brand
The brand is a synthesis of curated looks that are elegant, beautiful, simple, worldly, and also funny, diverse, quirky and unexpected. I have partnered with artists and designers from around the world who share my passion and who have wanted to be part of the creation of a truly unique and differentiated brand. NIQUEA.D stands apart from the rest and fills a void in the market for consumers who so cherish the experience of browsing through cards that are rich in content and that are art driven with ‘just enough’ editorial to inspire words of their own. 

Featured Artists

Everyday Catalog

Christmas Catalog

Spring Catalog

Valentine Catalog

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